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Date with Daddy

I was so very excited to have a date with you all by ourselves on Saturday! It wasn't dinner at a fancy restaurant or a night out at a club, but it was very special because I got to spend time with just you and I wanted everything to go well.


I guess I should have asked before we got to the social what I was supposed to do and what I should have said. I didn't know you were known by your stage name and I should have called you that maybe? You are always Daddy to me. Should I have stayed quiet and let you do the introduction? I guess I was also a bit taken aback because the hostess turned out to be someone I'd went out with on a date once.


I think, Daddy, we have some stuff to really work on. I suddenly felt this almost overwhelming need to grip your hand and cling to you. I am a bit out of practice at socializing. I fought this urge very hard because I do not want to be clingy and irritating.  I really could have used a hand in my hair and to kneel at your feet a couple of times though.


I know you have larger dreams and aspirations,  and I will help you achieve them if I can. mine are much more modest; learn, grow, be your good girl, be a useful and vibrant member of the Leather Community, continue to move forward in my own life and  be a lil girl that makes you proud.


When we were coming home and I was being open, maybe a little too open, with my thoughts and feelings, I was very afraid I had hurt you, hurt your feelings and made you angry. If I am too open, I need you to tell me Daddy.  I know you can't read my mind, but I am also afraid of being too demanding.


All the way from Vista Ridge until you wispered in my ear, I had no idea that I wasn't in trouble and that you weren't angry with me. When you growled in my ear, I melted Daddy. ... only YOU can do that to me.


Daddy,  thank you for gifting me what I needed; your passion, your power, your dominance, pain, tenderness, understanding and compassion. 




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